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is not enough

Broadleaf’s comprehensive platform is proven to increase revenue and product yields, improve product quality and consistency, and reduce planning time for crops and tasks.


Broadleaf delivers proven results

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80% Reduction in Time Spent Planning

Broadleaf puts scheduling and SOP’s in the palm of your hand. Our customer reduced their time spent planning and assigning tasks by 80%. Planning went from hours to minutes each week freeing up more time to keep their head in the plants.

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100% Yield Increase

By using Broadleaf, our customer doubled yields in one of their facilities after discovering employees weren’t following standard operational procedures. Management can now quickly identify and fix issues before they negatively affect their plants.

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30% Increase in Revenue

Broadleaf’s platform allowed this customer to identify and increase efficiencies which led to a 30% increase in revenue. Our customer can now quickly replicate and improve their recipes, scheduling, irrigation, and environmentals.

Chris Fanta Principal Redbud Roots

Broadleaf has become the single source of truth for our entire company.

It has opened production transparency to all departments and allows us to forecast our product drops. Our workflows are now streamlined to minimize unnecessary overlap and maximize our labor force.

Chris Fanta – Redbud Roots

Keep your head in the plants
and your plants in the cloud.

Your Secret to Scalable Growth

We help elevate your plants, people, and profit.

Broadleaf gives cannabis companies the freedom to nurture the art and craft of cultivation. Our seamless on-the-go tools are focused on helping you do more of the things you love, while integrating all the data you never had before.

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Manage Crops & Recipes

Now in a matter of minutes, schedule all your crops to fully utilize space across unlimited facilities. Develop, experiment, and track recipes for repeatable and scalable operations.

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Task Management

With automatic task allocation and notifications, your entire team will stay organized, you’ll always be in the know, and opportunities for growth won’t ever be missed.

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Compliance Reporting

Stay compliant without thinking about it. Easily submit waste logging, harvests, plant moves, clone cuttings, and more for review and state submission. Never miss a deadline again.

METRC & Test Results Integration, and Harvest Management Capabilities.

Collaboration at its finest

Your entire team on the same page. Seriously.

Didn’t know it was possible? Broadleaf allows your teams to stay in the know company-wide without breathing down each other’s necks.

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Make your moms proud, while enjoying the freedom to nurture your cultivation craft. As growers ourselves, we get where you actually want to spend your time, so we’ll make sure you get to hang with your plants and grow a high quality, consistent product.

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Marketing & Sales

Be part of the grow from start to finish. With complete visibility into the status of every grow life cycle, you’ll now know the exact crop yields, availability of product, and when to get the perfect photo of a new strain. Plus, you’ll optimize pre-sell capabilities and grow partner relationships.

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Let’s grow up your operations without adding anything to your plate. With data-driven insights at your fingertips, decisions about production schedules, forecasts, and product yields across multiple facilities will finally be simple. Intelligent growing equals incredible results.

We’re not just for growers

More than just a cultivation tool.

Know when strains are going to drop and easily forecast projections while securely protecting your valuable IP to help keep your investors happy.

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Forecasting & Product Availability

Access all the data that shows what products are coming up, when, and how much. Now you’ll be able to strategically plan engaging and impactful marketing campaigns for limited releases.

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Scalable Operations

Whether you have one facility or 10, easily manage your operations and automatically shift resources anytime and from anywhere. With the ability to scale at your own pace, your confidence will grow managing an unlimited number of locations, rooms, and team members.

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Data-Driven Dashboards

See an impact from Day 1 when every part of your business will get better data sooner to spot trends and simplify decision-making about recipe development, yield forecasting, product availability, promotions, and inventory value.

Ready to grow your operations?

We know you're busy. Like, really busy. Click the button below to conveniently schedule a time for a Broadleaf demo with a member of our support staff. See for yourself how our platform can help your team be more competitive in the cannabis industry.


Redbud Roots Case Study.

Redbud Roots is a vertically integrated, multi-site cannabis company operating in Michigan that uses the Broadleaf platform to steamline their entire operation. The Head Grower, Marketing Director, and Management Team are more dialed in than ever and seeing better profit margins as a result! 

I use Broadleaf on a daily basis to track everything that needs to be done. Anyone who comes into the grow knows what’s happened, so we don’t miss anything. Having a historic timeline for all activity makes it easy for everyone to stay informed.

Aaron Lehman

Broadleaf has become the single source of truth for our entire company. It has given transparency to everything in production to all departments and allows us to forecast our product drops. It has also streamlined all of our workflows to minimize unnecessary overlap and maximize our labor force.

Chris Fanta Principal Redbud Roots
Chris Fanta

Broadleaf is hands down the best tool we’ve ever implemented for the sales team. Now we know from the day the grow process starts when and how much product we have to sell.

Jake Welsh
Senior Sales Consultant