Broadleaf Software Releases Major Update to Cannabis Cultivation Management Platform

November 10th, 2021

Updated user experience, compliance tools, and METRC integration top the list of enhancements

“Compliance is top of mind for all of our customers. This new release gives cultivators new tools to streamline their operations and lower costs while staying compliant.”

– Eldon Brown, Broadleaf Software – CEO

BUCHANAN, MI, USA, July 14, 2021

Broadleaf Software, the leading platform for cannabis cultivation management, has announced its latest release of enhancements. The new release brings compliance front and center for cultivators and a brand new user interface to make managing operations easier than ever. With states rapidly adopting regulations and stiff penalties for non-compliance, automation and control of compliance processes is key to successful cultivation management.

“Compliance is top of mind for all of our customers. This new release gives cultivators new tools to manage their operations and lower costs while staying compliant automatically.” says Broadleaf CEO Eldon Brown.

The new release manages the entire cultivation lifecycle, from cloning or seed to trimming and testing, in one interface. The platform is compatible with iOS or Android phones and tablets as well as any desktop web browser. Critical activities like plant tagging, room moves, harvesting, and drying are all managed within the platform and sync relevant data to state compliance systems.

Broadleaf Cannabis Software Crop Details screenshot

Detailed Crop Overview

Broadleaf Cannabis Software Task Planning screenshot

Task Planning Board

The platform also manages all plant lifecycles across multiple facilities, sites, and states. This gives multi-state operators (MSO) the ability to plan, manage, and analyze data across the entire enterprise from a single pane of glass. The new interface offers improved forecasting and reporting of product yields, test results, and data trends across the cultivation lifecycle. Broadleaf automatically schedules tasks based on a library of recipes defined by the cultivator. All employees have access to the cultivation schedule and their responsibilities from their phones at all times. A secure, mobile-first platform, Broadleaf is accessible from any device. Managers and executives can access real-time data from anywhere. Cultivators are able to retire manual spreadsheets, spot and fix problems faster, and reduce time spent on administrative tasks.

Broadleaf Software is the leading platform for cannabis cultivation management. Broadleaf’s secure platform gives cannabis companies the freedom to nurture the art and craft of cultivation. We help cultivators improve efficiency across their teams, deliver a consistent, high quality product, and grow their operations. Broadleaf makes an immediate impact across every part of the business because every team gets better data sooner, which enables them to stay ahead of the competition. Learn more and schedule a demo at