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checks & balances.

Keep your team out of trouble – indefinitely.

Compliance on
cruise control.

Compliance violations can put you out of business permanently. Fines easily add up to $100,000 or more before you even know it’s happened. Penalties can be up to three times the amount of what a cannabis license costs, ranging from $3,000 to $200,000 per day.

The loss of your business and thousands of dollars is 100% avoidable with our 1-step compliance integration. We keep you out of hot water by eliminating reporting errors to the State, so you steer clear of pricey fines. We also save you hard earned cash by reducing the amount of time compliance tasks take, lowering your labor costs.

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Risk Mitigation

Don’t operate blindly and risk having $100,000 worth of inventory or more destroyed by the State right in front of you. Yes, that actually happens. Our 1-step compliance integration ensures zero errors and no more wasted time or resources.

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No Plant Left Behind

With our checks and balances system, we guarantee that you’ll never miss a plant in your reporting to the State. We know exactly what’s supposed to be in every grow room, what actions have been completed, and what’s left to be done. We immediately notify you if something looks off as you’re completing your reporting. Errors will be a thing of the past.

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State Seed-to-Sale Integration

Make compliance simple and leverage our full integration into state systems. With our platform, reporting on everything from clone cuttings to harvests will be easy to review and adjust before submitting to the State, in addition to being timely and error free.

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1-Step Compliance = Teamwork Redefined

We bake compliance into every step of the grow, so each team member fully contributes to the process without ever adding work to their plate. Stop trying to decipher illegible handwriting from a paper log or chase down the grow team for a translation again.

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Save Time with Integrated Hardware

Our platform offers full integration with barcode scanners to quickly scan and report plants to the State. You will dramatically reduce the time it takes to complete the entire harvesting reporting process. This enables you to save on labor costs and have the leanest, most efficient team. Rest easy knowing that every critical growth cycle element will be done in one step every single time.

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Spend Time & Money On What Counts

Free up time for the compliance team to perform audits, refine processes, or get their hands dirty in the grow room. With a leaner, more efficient team, you will save on labor costs and easily shift resources, make company-wide improvements, and scale at your own pace.

Don’t be the vertically integrated operator fined $1.25 million for not following their state’s track-and-trace program. It’s time to get it together and we can help.