Make your moms proud.

Built by growers for growers

We help elevate your plants, people, and profit.

Make your moms proud, while enjoying the freedom to nurture your cultivation craft. As growers ourselves, we get where you actually want to spend your time, so we’ll make sure you get to hang with your plants and grow a high quality, consistent product. Compliance won’t ever be a headache again and those hundreds of emails will disappear. Instead, you’ll be able to utilize all your historical and trending data to experiment and perfect your grow.

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Strain & Crop Planning

Automatically track the performance of individual mother plants and plan the best strain mix based on historical data and demand. Then, in a matter of minutes, not hours, schedule all your crops to fully utilize space across unlimited facilities. Never have an empty room or miss out on those sales again.

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Recipe Management

Experiment and perfect your grow with historical and trending data to tweak even the slightest variable in a recipe, knowing new methods are easily repeatable. Create unlimited workflows for the entire grow process and recipes for different strains and rooms. See your crop performance improve from grow-to-grow.

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Resource Utilization

Stay on top of how much water the plants are drinking, in addition to nutrient consumption and environmental conditions. Establish parameters, log history, and receive alerts for out-of-range measurements. That way you can easily make informed changes to your current and future grows based on how the plants are responding to the environment.

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Data-Driven Dashboards

Lighten the load and ditch manual spreadsheets. Instead securely keep every piece of data at your fingertips to ease recipe replications and quickly see what strains are producing what yield. You’ll also spot current trends and better utilize historical data to make decisions about everything from best strain mixes to recipe nuances.

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Task & Communication Management

In real-time from anywhere, keep your whole team in the loop without getting buried in email and phone calls. With tasks added to crops automatically based on the recipe, assigning responsibilities to your grow staff is no longer a headache. Quickly identify and solve problems with a grow by uploading photos of the issue to keep the whole team on the same page.

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Compliance Reporting

Stay compliant without thinking about it. Easily submit waste logging, harvests, plant moves, clone cuttings, and more for review and state submission. Never miss a deadline again.

METRC & Test Results Integration, and Harvest Management Capabilities.

We’re not just for growers

Your entire team on the same page. Seriously.

Didn’t know it was possible? Broadleaf allows your teams to stay in the know without breathing down each other’s necks. Know when strains are going to drop and easily forecast projections.

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Forecasting & Product Availability

Access all the data that shows what products are coming up, when, and how much, so you can strategically plan engaging and impactful marketing campaigns for limited releases.

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Scalable Operations

Whether you have one facility or 10, easily manage your operations and automatically shift resources anytime and from anywhere. With the ability to scale at your own pace, your confidence will grow managing an unlimited number of locations, rooms, and team members.

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