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We understand what it takes to succeed in the cannabis industry.

Let’s grow up your operations without adding anything to your plate. With data-driven insights at your fingertips, decisions about production schedules, forecasts, and product yields across multiple facilities will finally be simple. With key processes seamlessly managed and fully integrated systems in place, problems are spotted early and quickly fixed. You’ll finally be able to monitor your team’s progress in real-time and capture successful strategies from every department to grow and evolve operations. Intelligent growing equals incredible results.

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Data-Driven Dashboards

Simplify decision-making with data to forecast yields, manage product availability, and determine inventory value. Easily drive repeatability, scalability, labor efficiencies, and higher margins.

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Scalable Operations

Whether you have one facility or 10, easily manage your operations and automatically shift resources anytime and from anywhere. With the ability to scale at your own pace, your confidence will grow managing an unlimited number of locations, rooms, and team members.

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Task Management

In real-time from anywhere, ensure every team member is always in the right place at the right time, doing all the right things.

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Secure Data Management & Ownership

Breathe a sigh of relief that all of your data is secure. With information about recipes no longer in manual spreadsheets or written in a note on someone’s phone, you’ll never have to worry about where your data is again.

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Real-Time Problem Resolution

With key processes seamlessly managed and fully integrated, you’re able to spot problems early and quickly fix them across multiple facilities.

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When federal legalization and industry consolidation follows, companies with tighter controls and reliable numbers will have higher valuations.

We’re not just for growers

Your entire team on the same page. Seriously.

Didn’t know it was possible? Broadleaf allows your teams to stay in the loop without breathing down each other’s necks. Know when strains are going to drop and easily forecast projections.

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Forecasting & Product Availability

Access all the data that shows what products are coming up, when, and how much, so you can strategically plan engaging and impactful marketing campaigns for limited releases.

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Strain & Crop Planning

Automatically track the performance of individual mother plants and plan the best strain mix based on historical data and demand. Then, in a matter of minutes, not hours, schedule all your crops to fully utilize space across unlimited facilities. Never have an empty room or miss out on those sales again.

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