Be part of the grow

from start to finish.

maximize marketing and sales efforts

Plan, track, and execute like never before.

Be part of the grow from start to finish. With complete visibility into the status of every grow life cycle, you’ll now know the exact crop yields, availability of product, and when to get the perfect photo of a new strain. With current data readily available, you’ll keep social and marketing campaigns fresh and relevant. You’ll optimize your pre-sell capabilities by strategically working with available and upcoming inventory. Most importantly, you’ll confidently grow and evolve relationships you’ve built with key dispensaries and other partners.

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Forecasting & Product Availability

Access all the data that shows what products are coming up, when, and how much, so you can strategically pre-sell and plan engaging and impactful marketing campaigns for limited releases.

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See What’s Growing When

Simplify decision-making with data-driven dashboards to build hype around limited strain releases. You’ll know exactly when new strains are at their most photogenic stage to capture images for promotions on social. Share photos with new and potential customers to build excitement and pre-sell products.

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Task Management

At the start of a grow, leverage tasks to create notifications, so you don’t miss out on a crop’s grow stages and important milestones. That way, you’ll be able to promote the plants at the perfect time, order packaging in advance, and ensure the freshest possible product gets into your customers’ hands.

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Plan Product Distribution & Grow Pre-Sell Capabilities

With unprecedented demand, strategically plan distribution channels and allocate limited inventory by pre-selling products and talking to your dispensary customers early about future drops. By knowing exact yields and future product availability, pre-selling will become second nature.

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Partner Relationships

Keep your partners informed and happy by using product availability data to ensure they receive the exact product they need every single time. Leverage forecasting tools to sign bigger deals for longer durations and develop impactful, long-term relationships with customers.

We’re not just for growers

Your entire team on the same page. Seriously.

Didn’t know it was possible? Broadleaf allows your teams to stay in the know without breathing down each other’s necks. Know when strains are going to drop and easily forecast projections.

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Scalable Operations

Whether you have one facility or 10, easily manage your operations and automatically shift resources anytime and from anywhere. With the ability to scale at your own pace, your confidence will grow managing an unlimited number of locations, rooms, and team members.

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Data-Driven Dashboards

See an impact from Day 1 when every part of your business will get better data sooner to simplify decision-making about yield forecasting, product availability, promotions, and inventory value.

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