how did we get here?

The Broadleaf Story.

Broadleaf founders Dave Murray and Marc Talluto were once on the hunt for a single platform meant to fully support a vertically integrated cannabis company’s operations. When they couldn’t find what they were looking for, they joined forces with Eldon Brown to develop an all-encompassing tool unlike anything else available.

Marc, Dave, and Eldon built Broadleaf, an easy-to-use app to help cultivators, sales and marketing teams, and management seamlessly connect all aspects of their business. In turn, cultivators are able to streamline operations, better utilize resources, and grow the best possible cannabis.

With Marc’s background in business and technology, Dave’s expertise in cannabis, and Eldon’s enterprise software knowledge, Broadleaf is an indispensable tool for serious cultivators.

The Gang’s All Here

Meet the Team.

Marc Talluto Co-Founder Broadleaf Cannabis Software

Marc Talluto


An entrepreneur with a passion for solving complex business problems with innovative software solutions.

Dave Murray Co-Founder Broadleaf Cannabis Software

Dave Murray


A cultivator who was in search of a better way to run his vertically integrated cannabis company.

Eldon Brown Chief Executive Officer Broadleaf Cannabis Software

Eldon Brown

Chief Executive Officer

An expert in optimizing workflows and efficiencies by improving people, processes, and technology.

Ian Golando Customer Success Manager Broadleaf Cannabis Software

Ian Golando

Customer Success Manager

Amber Oswald Account Executive Broadleaf Cannabis Software

Zeke Kalmes

Data Engineer

Let’s grow together

We’re Inspired.

Our entire team is inspired by a grower’s art of cultivating, a marketer’s ability to help others easily discover the best new strain, and a general manager’s innate sense of how to bring a team together. We promise to constantly evolve as a member of the team and help propel you toward success.

It’s our mission to ensure your craft of cultivating unrivaled cannabis is always front and center, while we help your business thrive. Let’s grow together.